One Room Challenge: The Vintage Vinyl Library Week 5

We’re getting dangerously close to crunch time and there are so many finishing touches that need to come together before this amazing space is complete.  Next week will be all about styling those gorgeous shelves and other surfaces, but in the mean time there are some feature pieces that we finally nailed down after hemming and hawing for weeks over the perfect choices! 

1 – The Tables.  Because of the layout and use of this particular room, we were really limited in table options.  We needed multi-functional pieces that could equally serve as a place to kick up your feet or rest your glass and could easily be moved to convert coffee table into end table when the sofa pulls out into a bed.  We went through a number of ideas before serendipitously stumbling on what could only be described as the HomeGoods find of the century.  Caramel leather & brass tables with storage racks underneath will sit side by side, beautifully complementing the warm tones and textures across the room and giving us that form and function we were searching for.  And this, friends, is why we believe in the genius of high/low shopping.

HomeGoods  - $49.99 each (genuine leather)

HomeGoods - $49.99 each (genuine leather)

2 – The Cornice.  Window treatments, in all of their simplicity, completely finish a room.  They are what we consider to be the belt…a clean, simple and small but interesting and beautiful item that makes the entire look feel put together and sophisticated.  In this case, we wanted something somewhat basic that brought out the tone of the wall color we love so much and played off of the masculinity of the space.  A tonal woven fabric cornice in just the right combination of blues, finished with brass nail heads.  A coordinating bench cushion will sit inside the built-in.

3 – The Lamp.  Lighting is always an essential element in any room.  This subtle yet powerful piece had to feel both vintage and modern, subdued but strong.  The metal tripod base gives us that delicate element we were looking for while the coordinating brass shade provides balance and edge with its weight.  The angle at which the floor lamp shines though is the key, creating that reading nook vibe indicative of a cozy library.

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One Room Challenge: The Vintage Vinyl Library Week 4

The heart of this room is the incredible collection of vintage vinyl’s of course, therefore, the custom built-in will be the star of the show.  We carefully designed every box to play a role – whether it be to house the turntable, speakers, albums or the always necessary accessories that help bring the space to life, or to beautifully hide the cassette tapes that are sentimental but will remain stowed away – each element was meticulously planned to serve both form and function.  Once the unit is built, doors are added and trim goes up, the entire piece will be painted in Gentleman’s Grey from top to bottom, ensuring it blends in seamlessly with the room as if it has always been there.  The final touch will be a custom bench to bring in some tone on tone texture and a bold piece of art to tie everything in the room together.

A little peek at the journey of this amazing focal point:


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One Room Challenge: The Vintage Vinyl Library Week 3

With the details laid out, the real work begins. As quaint as this room will be, it started out even smaller. Luckily for us, it backed up to another small room (albeit quite a bit larger than this one) that would soon become an office, so we were able to take a bit from that room to even out the two and create more useable space across the board.

Our little library/guest room before we started:

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 8.52.47 PM.png

And the now-office it borrowed some space from,

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 8.52.59 PM.png

Plans for the small but incredibly effective wall-move (oh, what just a couple of feet can do):

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 10.59.17 PM.png

Old wall, bye bye bye!


And, just for an extra special treat…the after shot of that perfectly sized office that generously lent us its extra space:


Next week we’ll bring you on the journey to building our perfect built-in to house the amazing collection of vintage vinyl albums that will line the room.  Follow along with all of the guest rooms from the One Room Challenge here!


One Room Challenge: The Vintage Vinyl Library Week 2

We are deep into the sourcing phase on this super cool vintage vinyl library and are so excited to see the pieces come together.  Since the space is tight and we’re cramming a lot of function into its four walls, the floor plan was a bit of a puzzle.  We knew a clean built-in showcasing a wall of records was top priority so found its place first.  Second came that handy pull out sofa we mentioned previously.  We would also need to make sure there was a place to kick up your feet, but one that was mobile, so stools that could easily be moved to double as end tables made the most sense.  All in – it will look a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.05.53 PM.png

Now that we’ve worked through dimensions, we’re on to the good stuff.  Remember we found that killer sleeper sofa in a few colors?  It was a tough decision but the way the rich berry hue played off the moody blue walls was just too good…the choice was unanimous. 


So our next challenge was to perfectly marry those two bold colors in a way that was somewhat subdued, vibrant but not overpowering.  The best way to bring colors together in a room is always through art and rugs.  Both accents can easily carry a bevy of tones, seamlessly working from one color to the next and tying in others along the way.  This time we used both.  The pop art that will sit in the center of the built-in brings together shades of red, pink, blue, purple and orange in a fluid way – covering all of our bases.  Meanwhile, the rug, predominantly pulls from those same reds & pinks while incorporating a perfectly slight infusion of blue to bounce off the walls.

With color in abundance, we also want to bring in some texture and a bit of roughness through brass and wood accents that will help break up the saturated tones and contribute to that vintage vibe. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.24.32 PM.png

Clockwise from Top Left:

Gentleman's Gray, Benjamin Moore

Rock n Roll IV Giclee via Noa Blake Design

Rock n Roll Candle, Candellana

Barcelona Rug, Esale Rugs

Rochester Queen Sleeper Sofa, West Elm

Mango Wood Mushroom Table, Overstock

Custom Bound Books, Go Home Ltd. via Noa Blake Design

Amato Floor Lamp, Moe's Home Collection via Noa Blake Design

Up next on our One Room Challenge, construction begins!  Follow along on the ORC blog


One Room Challenge: The Vintage Vinyl Library Week 1

One of the things we love most about this industry is the sense of community and incredible support that designers offer one another.  Unlike so many other creative fields, Interior Designers tend to look past the competitive streak and find beauty in inspiring one another.  This drives us on a daily basis.  When One Room Challenge began, it became an instant phenomenon, for obvious reasons. Yes, it is fun to look at beautiful spaces all day…after all that’s what HGTV dreams are made of.  But more so, it is so amazing to be able to immerse ourselves in the process – watching spaces come to life – understanding every piece from concept to installation, as seen through the eyes of its maker.  What an incredible gift to give to designers.  We are so blessed to be a part of this extraordinary world and are beyond excited to be a part of this year’s ORC.  We hope it inspires you!

This very special room has been one of our favorites to work on because of the genuine love and adoration the owners have for its purpose.  Referred to as The Vintage Vinyl Library, this small, 10x14; room will be jam-packed with style and functionality.  Not only will it double as a guest room with a queen-size sleeper sofa (yes, there certainly are beautiful sleeper sofas as you’re about to find out) – but also a magical place for the owners to indulging in their great love of music.

As the couple shares this space as their sanctuary, we wanted the room to feel equally masculine and feminine.  It was also important to incorporate a retro nod that the vintage vinyls so deserve, while ensuring the room felt modern, bold and a bit forward...a place to have fun with everything from design to end use.

Our concept began with saturated color from floor to ceiling.  Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray is an all-time favorite due to its unique ability to be both vibrant and subdued at the same time.  The rich combination of teal, navy and gray achieves this balance between handsome and pretty that we absolutely adore. Taking the color from crown to base moulding creates a moody feel reminiscent of a library or study...a great place to start.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.13.38 PM.png

The next piece of the puzzle was to ensure we found a great (equally comfortable and beautiful) sleeper sofa that would feel like it belonged in the room but serve the right purpose as well. We knew velvet and tufting would get us there and that we wanted to stick with rich, jewel tone hues…what we weren’t planning on was finding the perfect fit in a West Elm sofa that offered us more than one awesome option. So now the question was – monotone layers in vivid shades of blue or a nostalgic palette in a variety of berries?

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.54.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.50.38 PM.png

Join us on our ORC journey to see what we picked and how it comes to life (along with all the fun we have getting there)! Also, be sure to check out all of the guest participant rooms here and visit the One Room Challenge Instagram profile and hashtag for a ton of inspiration!


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